With more than 30 years of experience in Europe.
In 2008 it began operations in Mexico, under the name of SCOPPA GMBH MEXICO.
In 2011 in Brazil under the name of SCOPPA GMBH BRASIL.
In 2013 in the USA, under the name of SCOPPA GMBH USA.

• World class quality
• Technological leadership
• Commitment
• Moral principle
• Economic
• Delivery opportunity


To be the best organization that offers security and operability to its clients through comprehensive solutions for space, storage and automation. Formed by good people who, due to their responsibility and professionalism, achieve the success of the company and their families, ensuring total customer satisfaction within excellent standards of quality and opportunity.


Sustain the global leadership that SGM has achieved in construction, engineering and new technologies based on quality at competitive prices and the continuous improvement of its systems and its personnel, to generate the wealth that guarantees the sustainable development of its clients and partners. commercial.